City Center

The Forest Lake City Center opened in 2014, bringing all of the City’s Police, Fire, Administration, Building, and Zoning Departments together under one roof.  The City Center features a large lobby with a Building and Zoning service window for contractor and resident permitting needs, along with an Administration and Finance window for resident utility payments and business licensing needs.  There is a Council Chamber on the first level for city meetings which is large enough to accommodate many members of the public, along with two conference rooms.  The building also features a second level with a large Community Room and outdoor deck, and additional conference room space.  You may use the staircase or the elevator to access the second level of the building.

Conference Rooms at the City Center

In addition to being used for city functions, the conference rooms are available to be rented by Forest Lake local non-profit organizations. Conference rooms are equipped with a white board, HDMI/VGA cables, and a monitor for meeting purposes.

There is no fee for rental during regular business hours. Outside of business hours, the fee is $50.00 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum. Rooms must be reserved at least 14 days prior to the event by submitting an application for your reservation. Please contact the Deputy City Clerk via email or at 651-209-9732 to obtain an application and reserve a room.

Please note:  Conference rooms are on a first come first serve basis.  The City also has conference rooms available for rent at the Forest Lake Senior Community Center.  Please contact the Deputy City Clerk for additional details.
Image of the Community Room

Community Room

Maximum Capacity: 50 set up as classroom

2nd level room features:  Computer, projector with HDMI and VGA inputs, Microphone and Audio Inputs

Image of the Forest Lake Conference Room

Forest Lake Room

Maximum Capacity: 16

1st level room features: Display monitor with HMDI VGA inputs

Image of the Clear Lake Conference Room

Clear Lake Room

Maximum Capacity: 12

2nd level room features: Display monitor with HMDI VGA inputs

Image of the Shield Lake Conference Room

Shields Lake Room

Maximum Capacity: 8

2nd level room features: Display monitor with HMDI VGA inputs